Maybe i’m not the best person to write this blog as I have been limping through the Flatiron School bootcamp, but I am almost done. I’ve had no experience in coding and I didn’t even know how to do a screenshot when i first started. Now I find myself with a little over three weeks left of school which is wild to me. Here are a few tips that really got me to where I am today.

Don’t compare yourself to others

There will be people joining bootcamps with prior experience and there will be others who join with absolutely no experience. The key…

In my quest to get better at code challenges I found that there is actually such a thing as competitive programming. It’s considered a mind sport involving participants trying to program according to provided specifications. Here’s an example of a competitive code challenge problem I found.

Let’s say there is a tennis match. There is player A and player B, and every time they score they get a point. You need four points to win a game in tennis so let’s say your first list looks like this. [ A, B, A, A ] This mean that player A won…

Me when i finally figure out a problem

After Prying my way out of Mod1 at the Flatiron School I was introduced to the Byebug debugger from one of my teachers in Mod2. During a lecture he said, “lets throw a byebug into one of our controllers and see what’s going on!”

I heard, “I have bedbugs in here what’s going on?”

I did some research and I found Byebug is a very powerful debugger for Rails. It allows you to go inside of your ruby program while it is running. Many of the methods we use are inherited from other classes of code. Our models inherit from…

I really wanted to write a witty title for this. I really did. I thought of Pry Baby, or even Boys don’t Pry. But neither works here. Pry has been so good to me during my first Mod at Flatiron School, and I wanted to write a love letter to this beautiful gem.


I failed my first coding challenge. It really sucked. I wanted to tell everyone that I was a bad test taker. And I did. It seemed like a good enough reason and everyone else that had failed was saying it as well. But it wasn’t the…

Brian Sahota


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